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Some pets may have health problems or surgical treatment that require them to stay overnight at a veterinary hospital to undergo in-patient treatment. Our team at Your Pets Vets ensures that each pet receives first-rate in-patient care that closely monitors their overall health as they heal from their ailments. While receiving our in-patient care services, your pet will also be given medications, fluids, attention, and other quality accommodations that help maintain their health throughout their stay. 

We understand that being away from home and loved ones can be really stressful for a pet. It’s for this reason we place careful attention to making their experience at our facility a positive one. This includes feeding, talking, and taking pets out for walks as needed. Pet owners can be assured that our team will give their beloved animals the loving care they deserve.


We administer medications, fluids, antibiotics, and other in-patient care to pets of varying health conditions, including patients who’ve undergone soft tissue surgery. During your pet’s stay, our team will keep a close eye on their health, making sure they remain stable until they’re able to go back home to you. Your pets will enjoy our relaxed environment, friendly veterinary staff, and the quality care we provide.

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We do everything in our power to make every pet feel at home while they recover. While pets stay overnight, we make sure to update owners on their pet’s status, recent activities, care, and other relevant information they need. We also continue to maintain this line of communication after your pet is discharged to ensure that they’re healing properly. You will be able to discuss any questions or concerns about your pet’s healing process with our veterinarians and staff.