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Sometimes, a pet that looks healthy can be suffering from serious health issues that a physical exam can’t detect. A full-service laboratory is one of the key factors that has saved the lives of countless animals. From fecal exams to blood count, a laboratory typically offers dozens of effective lab tests that can easily diagnose your pet’s health problems. At Your Pets Vets, we maintain a functioning full-service laboratory equipped with a trained veterinary staff to produce accurate lab results. 

Emergencies can mean life or death for many pets, and we ensure that every pet’s test results are readily available for complete analysis. As part of our lab service, we also perform pre-anesthetic and wellness tests before your pet goes into surgery. These tests give veterinarians a wide scope of your pet’s health status and sets a standard for future treatments.


Most diseases in pets can be effectively treated or cured if diagnosed early. In many ways, lab testing serves as the main ingredient in your pet’s overall wellbeing. With early detection, various potential life-threatening diseases can be resolved before they worsen. Our laboratory technicians gather important information about your pet through the following tests:

  • Complete blood count (CBC): measures red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in your pet’s blood to determine infection or conditions like anemia or leukemia.
  • Blood chemistry panel: measures electrolytes, protein, and enzyme levels to evaluate organ function and response to any treatments. 
  • Urinalysis (UA): measures sugar, protein, blood and other substances in your pet’s urine to detect urinary infections, diabetes, and kidney or liver problems.
  • Fecal examination: helps confirm different illnesses but most especially, the presence of parasites in the intestines.  
  • Heart-worm test: detects heart-worms in your pet’s body.

Not every pet needs to undergo each lab test. Our veterinarians will recommend certain lab tests to further check your pet’s health, but final approval is reserved to the owner.

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Based on your pet’s individual needs and your budget, a veterinarian will be able to help you determine which lab test to prioritize first. Remember that lab tests are an investment that can highly benefit your pet in the long run. Through proper lab work, your pet’s health is safeguarded from infectious diseases and ensures that they live long and happy lives by your side.